About Grejeen

At Grejeen we strive to provide an environment where users and researchers can access, collate, process, document and share information within the bounds of international law and use such information to promote learning and innovation.

Grejeen maintains internet fairness by ensuring that information is available to those who need them without reference to social conditions, class or geographical space.

Grejeen believes in the inalienable right to freedom of expression and information by creating communities and the protection of the privacy of users and their right to know how their data is collected and used.

At Grejeen we endeavor to provide an environment where information access and sharing upholds the tenets of human right protection and preservation and reduce or eliminate where possible all instances of hate speech, racism, xenophobia and stereotyping and the same time striking a balance where necessary.

Grejeen also strives to protect copy right by ensuring that information available on its sites are not sold without the consent of their proprietors and expects users to properly reference sources, respect copy right and use information appropriately by respecting the rights and privacies of others.


To become a technology leader and serve as a reservoir of scientific and technological innovation by engendering research in a dynamic society.


To make information accessible by technology cutting across class, social status and geographical region and to promote free speech, unimpeded information flow and human rights preservation.