April 20, 2024

Everything You Need To Know About EZ Baccarat

Everything You Need To Know About EZ Baccarat – Baccarat is one of the most popular online casino games found in almost all casinos. It is one of the most common online casino games that can be traced back to the world’s first casino. Baccarat, like many other gambling games, offers the many variations that you can find at any online casino.

Be it Las Vegas or Macau or even one of the online casinos that we find on the internet, the basic principles remain the same each other in the game of baccarat. Among the most prominent versions is EZ Baccarat. Here is everything you need to know about EZ Baccarat:

Gameplay EZ Baccarat

EZ Baccarat is a simple game to learn. This is a card game that features 2 hands, namely the Player and the Banker. Each Hand will be given 2 cards, initially by the dealer and can be given additional Hands, according to the value of the cards. You will be able to bet on any card that will eventually end up with the closest point value of nine (9). Then add up the score for each hand but only take the last number. So 19 equals 9.

Card Value

Each deck in this one game will carry a quantitative calculation. Therefore, suit is not important. Grades 2 through 9 are equivalent to their respective base grades. The values ​​of the tens and the drawing deck, i.e. Jack, Queen and King are zero. Aces are worth one. The largest possible score for any card is 9. If indeed the quantitative sum of the deck in hand exceeds 9, one can get the changed amount by doing one of the steps above:

Remove the initial number from the sum.
Deduct 10 from the amount

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What Things You Need To Know About EZ Baccarat?

How to Bet

There is an easy way that people can bet using the EZ Baccarat game. Users can bet on the Player or Banker hand, getting the biggest amount, or even a draw. Player or Banker bets win the same cash. Draw bets pay 9:1.

EZ Baccarat itself is played in the same way as conventional Baccarat, except it removes the 5% fee on successful Banker hand bets by declaring play as strength each round the Banker wins when using three card sevens.

House Edge

House Edge for Bank Hand: 1.02%
House Edge for Player Hands: 1.24%
House Edge for Ties: 14.36%
Bonus Bet

Dragon 7 – This bet wins if the banker wins with three sevens. The odds are 40:1.
Panda 8 – This bet is won if the player’s hand with 3 card 8 wins. The odds are 25:1.
Tie – This bet is accepted whenever the banker’s and player’s cards tie. The odds are 9:1.

The payoff is different for every hand. Player Hands will be paid out in even money on any bet wins.
A Bank Hand also pays out in even money with the only exception being that if a Bank Hand ends in a three card hand totaling 7 it will be a push.
A tie will see the winning bet pay 8 to 1. In some cases the bet also pays 9 to 1.
A 5% fee is charged for each bet placed with that dealer in a typical conventional EZ Baccarat game. However, some players are confused by the 5% fee and, as a result, players do not want to give away some of their winnings.